Individual & Small Group Tuition

Wakefield Music Services gives tuition on a vast range of instruments. If there’s an instrument you want to learn then we probably teach it! Our instrumental family pages will give you more information about various instruments.

Increasingly many children begin their instrumental musical journey in our free whole class instrumental lessons in junior school. These ‘First Access’ lessons often provide a great launch into small group lessons for many budding young musicians

Although our instrumental teachers work in nearly all schools and academies across the Wakefield district not every family of instruments is taught in each school as this is dependent on demand. Pupils wishing to take up lessons in a school or academy will first need to discuss availability, options and costs with the relevant person such as the Head of Music, Music Coordinator or Headteacher.

Students wishing to join an ensemble or take up lessons directly with Wakefield Music Services at one of our central locations please contact WMS. For more information please see Fees & Charges.

Although the majority of provision is for young people, some lessons and groups are also available for adults at Manygates Music Centre

For further information and answers to many common questions please visit our FAQs pages