Fees, Charges & Remissions

Tuition Fees paid direct to Wakefield Music Services

Fees & Charges 2023 – 2024

  • Small Group 20 minute lesson     £73.50 per term
  • Individual 20 minute lesson        £147 per term
  • Individual 30 minute lesson        £220.50 per term

Lesson costs also currently include;

  • Access to thousands of exciting online music resources at wakefieldmusicservicesonline.co.uk.
  • Free loan of an instrument wherever possible for an initial period
  • Practice Diary and Annual Pupil Report

Membership of Music Centres and Ensembles

Membership to Music Centres and other WMS groups costs just £45 per term. This allows you to attend as many activities as you wish and/or suitable for.



Instrumental and Vocal Lesson 

Students directly charged by the music service for lessons are entitled to one fully subsidised small group lesson if eligible for free school meals, or in receipt of income Support or Income based Job Seeker’s Allowance. Tuition delivered in schools will follow the individual school’s remissions policy which in most cases give full remission for those pupils identified as Pupil Premium. Please check with your child’s school for further details.

Ensembles & Music Centres

Wakefield Music Services gives full remission for attendance to ensembles and music centres for those students eligible for free school meals, or in receipt of income Support or Income based Job Seeker’s Allowance.

Special Education Needs

For lessons in schools, and if appropriate, an individual lesson will be offered for the price of a group lesson. Remissions and funding may also be available with support from the music services from a variety of council services and charities. All cases are assessed on an individual basis. Instrumental, ensemble and creative projects also run at no charge to the student in SEND settings throughout the year.

Looked After Children

Funded lessons are available through schools in collaboration with the Virtual School. Remissions are also available for ensembles and music centres.

Other Remissions

Funding and remissions may be available in other situations such as personal hardship, endangered instrument initiatives, gifted and talented and with targeted projects and lessons with Children in Challenging Circumstances.

Instrument Hire

Wakefield Music Services gives free loan of an instrument for students receiving lessons with its teachers. Schools can also receive free loan of class sets if taking up a whole class instrumental tuition First Access programme.

For any enquires or to apply, please contact music@wakefield.gov.uk or your child’s school or setting if appropriate.