Charanga Online Resources

The site has been developed by one of our partners Charanga and has a wealth of exciting online music resources for teachers and students to use in and out of school. Access for teachers and pupils is totally free to partner schools and academies and is a fantastic aid to enhancing the curriculum.

There are 4 elements to the site;

Charanga not only includes appealing songs and instrumental music, but also fun interactive knowledge and listening games ideal for starter and plenary activities in a lesson. The part of the site for students, Music World,  is a great motivating aid for helping them to practice their instrument out of lessons and at home or encourage knowledge and listening skills. This is not only great for beginner instrumentalists such as flautists and guitarists but also as an aid to the class teacher who may be teaching whole class percussion, recorder, ukulele or keyboards. Students travel through a fun, safe progressive musical environment where they can earn credits for completing tasks and unlock future ones. Teachers can also put together a selection of  resources for the pupils to access out of the lesson – an ideal way to encourage extended learning through relevant ‘real’ music homework!

If you would like to book a motivating twilight training session for your staff on how to use these valuable resources then please contact