10 Things You Should Know About WMS

1. Providing an Outstanding Service – WMS was recently judged as an outstanding service in all areas of provision with a strong commitment to inclusivity. It is proud to have received the highest rating from Arts Council England as the lead organisation for Wakefield Music Education since it was formed in 2013.

 2. Teaching the Next Generation – WMS delivers progressive instrumental tuition and opportunities to over 7 thousand young people each week on a variety of instruments

 3. Directing Groups & Ensembles – WMS runs over 50 exciting groups and ensembles in many different styles from beginner to advanced

 4. Forging Partnerships – WMS is the lead organisation for the Wakefield Music Education Hub, building strong partnerships that maximise musical opportunities for all young people

5. Inspiring Young People  – WMS inspires and motivates young people through a team of caring, dedicated and highly skilled professional teachers and musicians

6. Fostering lifelong enjoyment – WMS works with many young people throughout their musical education life: mentoring and fostering a rigorous culture of respect, appreciation, commitment, confidence and aspiration

 7. Creating Performance Opportunities  – WMS provides a diverse range of performance opportunities for young people in in exciting venues locally and nationally

8. Building New Musical Pathways  –  WMS strives to build effective pathways and stepping stones for young musicians across an ever increasing musical landscape helping to identify and nurture talent along the way. This includes valuable work with the more vulnerable and Children in Challenging Circumstances

 9. Serving the Community –  WMS provides musical tuition and opportunities to children in over 90% of schools, academies and in 4 Music Centres across all Wakefield communities!

10. Delivering Quality CPD and Support – WMS delivers nationally recognised training and critically acclaimed original music resources

Providing  Teaching  Directing  Forging  Inspiring  Fostering  Creating  Building  Serving  & Delivering Outstanding Music for All