Our Aims and Values

  ‘We aim to promote and provide inclusive, quality, enjoyable and diverse  progressive music education and opportunities.

This will be achieved through effective partnerships that join up delivery, tackle gaps in provision and ensure strong progression routes that raise the standards and well being of all young people’

 The following statements of aims clearly set out what we are striving to do in our work with students. They endorse our commitment to provide the highest quality instrumental music education for everyone. We also believe that learning to play a musical instrument and engaging in musical activity has many wider benefits for the individual including developing many transferable skills.

We aim to;

  • recognise every participating student as an individual with his or her particular abilities, needs and aspirations
  • provide musical learning experiences which extend students and promote maximum personal development, a sense of belonging that contributes to mental health and well-being
  •  ensure that all students genuinely share quality of opportunity regardless of their background and for those living in more challenging circumstances
  •  celebrate the success and achievement of every student
  •  foster self-esteem and a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others
  •  encourage attitudes such as perseverance, motivation, commitment, self discipline, reliability, flexibility and determination
  •  develop lively and enquiring minds capable of independent creative thought
  •  enable students to make appropriate decisions about future musical pathways, education and careers
  •  engender a love of learning and a commitment to music making and appreciation as a lifelong process