How do I choose the right instrument for my child?

The first thing to decide will be which family of instruments you/your child is interested in. If your child expresses a strong interest in a particular instrument, then that may possibly be the right choice for him/her. However, choice of instrument will be guided by a WMS instrumental teacher.

WMS teachers are able to offer tuition on a wide range of instruments. Please see our instruments pages for more information. You can also watch musicians by searching online and studying the different qualities of these instruments. If your child attends a Wakefield school you could also register them on our free online music resources website where they can explore various instruments further –

Most popular instruments are suitable for all ages. However, sometimes physical considerations have to be taken into account. For example, a small child would find it very difficult to handle a full size bassoon or double bass! Stringed instruments are good for younger children to start on as there is a range of different sized instruments. If your child started lessons and the instrument they had chosen to learn was unsuitable, the teacher would advise you of an appropriate alternative.

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