WMS Big Play 2020 – Ode To Joy

Fri 3 July 2020

Here’s the brand new video of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy as part of the WMS Big Play 2020! The performance includes contributions from over 100 young musicians and teachers! Brought together from Manygates, Minsthorpe, Outwood, Pontefract and Horbury & Ossett Saturday morning Music Centres. A massive achievement and lots of hard work from all the young people and staff that took part. A couple of parents may have even snuck in too!

A special thanks to Mr Wood for arranging and coordinating all of the parts and Mr Park for mixing it (and remixing it) and putting it all together! The video features talented young musicians of all different levels and the team has worked hard to include every single contribution. #KeepMakingMusic

String Players! Make sure to check out Part 2 of the WMS Big Play – THAT STRING THING!